Apr. 17th, 2012

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Been so busy with life work and so on these days, but I decided to take a little time to help out other people since many have helped me in the past. (working on everyone's commissions, I had another with an special deadline I needed to meet for a good cause, so everything else has been delayed in favor of this one. Please be patient, I'll be hitting people with sketches shortly.)

In that same vein, while I work on these sketches and wait for approvals, I'd also like to help signal boost this, borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] mmouse15 :

 [info]el_esteleth, has just gotten the bad news that she needs massive dental reconstruction to fix damage done in her childhood that was never properly repaired. 

She is looking at $6500 in out-of-pocket expenses, and having to make the choice between having the dental work done or paying for food and housing.

Those are pretty important things to have in your life, yes? So [info]eerian_sadow has set up a Give Forward page for her, which is similar to a Kickstarter but for medical needs. Anything you can give would be wonderful, even if it's just words of encouragement and support.

She also has fibromyalgia, and those of you that have it, or have similar chronic pain, know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, which is how [info]el_esteleth is feeling right now.

So, please, if you can, help repair Beth's teeth.

Thank you.


As someone who is constantly fighting off the ebil teeth of d00m, I can sympathize. I don't know [livejournal.com profile] el_esteleth we've never exchanged a single word as far as my memory can tell, but nonetheless, I would like to help out. I've already made an anonymous donation 'cause otherwise this thing wouldn't let me pay, but my meager contribution is not where I would like to stop, given how much money is going to be needed.

Taking advantage of my day off and to kill time, warm up, yadda yadda, I'd like to put forth a small offer:

If you make a donation to this fund raising, I'll draw something for you, and if you are in a computer capable of it at the moment, you'll be invited to watch it happening via Join.Me

- Donations of $5.00 to 9.99 get a chibi, with base colors drawn in binary brush ('cause I love that bitch)
- Donations of $10.00 to 19.99 get regular mech, waist up. Might or might not get colors, but def clean lines.
- Donations of $20.00 and above get 2 characters, waist up, basic colors.

You will not be giving this money to me. I want you to go to the page linked above (Or here if you don't want to scroll up) you will make a donation for your desired amount, and you will send me a copy of the receipt the website will generate for you. Even if you are an anonymous donor it'll give you a receipt. You may blur out or cut out your name if you don't want to share the details.

You may contact me at plantman045@gmail.com with your donation and desired character, and I'll generate your link if you want to watch while I draw it.

If you would like to repost this out, I'd appreciate it. I am willing to draw anything but real world people 'cause my skill has not reached that far yet, but if you provide me a reference I'll do my best to do justice to the character.

I'll be able to do this during Tuesdays and Thursdays which is when I am off work. If it's on you to make a donation, I'd love to give something back on behalf of the Sisterhood of Fuck You, Teeth.


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