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Been playing around with the idea of sharing some tips about skin colors with markers. I don't dare to call this a tutorial because who am I to tell you 'this is the way', so instead I'll share some tips of what I find works for me, and if you find them useful it's all the reward I can ask for.

I'm using Copic markers because it's the brand with the widest skin tone range and because it's the brand I have more than two or three fleshy colors. )
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This is a question I get asked a lot in deviant art and also something that I promised anon_decepticon talk about. Inking pens and mediums for highlights.

I love my art supplies, can you tell? )
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First things first. I dropped by the post office to mail some commissions. This bot here is going to UK along with Wicked's pics. I now have a renewed determination to learn to draw/paint backgrounds better and familiarize with pastels and goache. >.>;

These two are going to Canada.

And now for some more Marker tips. [ profile] anon_decepticon asked a little about what materials you need to work with markers. It depends a little of the kind of marker you're using. As far as paper goes I can't recommend specific brands to much, since I've found it's more the type of paper rather than a brand (each brand produces a large variety of papers after all) although each brand will have its own 'little recipe' the results are affected more by the type of paper and markers rather than brands but I will drop a few to help you get your hands on some paper if you see any of the brands I mention. Pictures of materials below.

Actually, some kinds of paper are better for some marker brands than for others. When it comes to markers the paper does matter a lot. )
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Glad a couple of you found the previous post useful. I thought you'd like to see a few samples of the way the markers behave and also give a few pointers of how the brands I've worked with lol Okay, I lied. It seems I have been working with watercolor markers without realizing it after all.

There's quite a bit of pictures so you get a cut to keep flists from assplodin'. The thumbnails all link to bigger pictures so you can notice the details. Long post is a little long.

Tharr be a Prime and markers under the cut. )
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Someone asked me this in DA and already answered there but I thought I'd share it here for my artsy friends that like to work with markers or wanna dab there. Keeping in mind I'm far from an authority in the matter, this is merely my personal perceptions of the way the materials have worked for me.

Cut to spare you the ramble. )


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