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Birthdate:Jun 23

Well, I decided it was about time I worked more on my bio. I also wanted an excuse to mess around with graphics, so here goes, takea look around for my oh, so interesting (riiiiiiight) Bio.
Ichi, Nii, San

Don't make me bite you...We bubbling, love and peace has just begun. Universe becoming one!

- €- Who I am? My name isn't really that important. But if you want to know, my name is Claudia. People call me many names, Veji, Vejichan, Plantman, Plant Hikage. To make it simple for you, just call me Plant. The pink haired Wizard/Red haired little Robot Master is my online persona.

I'm on my early 20s. I don't like talking much about physical characteristics, I'd rather have you Like me or dislike me for the person I am and not for my appearance. I was born in Mexico, in the D.F, the capital city. I graduated in the U.N.A.M., Foreing Relationships is my major in which I hope to adquire my degree soon.

I'm am passionate of what I do, but I am not ready to jump in the offended van, sorry to disappoint you. I believe strongly that what matters is a person and what is this person inside, not in their skin color, etnicity, or sexual orientation. If you're curious enough, I'm straight, but I care about sex enough to fit the asexual cathegory.

I don't believe what I've been taught and what customs I've been raised in are the absolute truth. I'd like to express right here, that I believe, the only absolute truth is inminent death someday, and even so, I don't even know how true will that be in a few years. I ask you, if you read this and some of my customs, views and believes offend your own, don't yell at me, don't insult me, don't push your own views on me. I respect your own views, whatever they might be, so long they're legal where you live. I ask you to respect my own. Walk away if you must, tolerate me if you feel it's what you have to do. But don't try to change me and point fingers at me. Don't tell me how what I do offends you or is wrong in your own view, stop and think that maybe in someone else's eyes, it's you who is doing something wrong. Respect is something you have to earn, and so I'll work to earn my token of respect when it's due.

Don't make me bite you...Nakita kunattara Music. Play this song for everyone!
- €- About my friends? I have many people I call friends. I usually don't like to grant special titles to one or two, but in this case, I feel is needed to express my deep love for someone who means the world for me.

kesshoukun She is someone very important for me, she is my life, my twin soul. I never really believed in twin souls until I met her. I can't explain any better then that, she's my twin soul, and is very important for me, I'll love her forever in this life and those to come. She's taught me so much about myself and has helped me to grow up and mature. I'm forever hers.

- €- There are people who call friends to about everyone, and that is fine, but I believe a friend is something more then someone you exchange one ot two words with every now and then. A friend is someone you can rely on, someone to listen to you, cheer you, have fun with, someone you can trust in. And as a friend you should do the same for them. I love all and everyone of these people, despite of whom I talk more often and whom I talk a bit less:

+ harpuia This woman is much wiser than many people out there give her credit for. I'm very glad I got to know her, I got the guts to talk to her and meet her. She's a great friend, wise and selfless. Many people might not notice it. Many people might not know her as much, but she's a great friend, for whom I'm thankful I met and got to know her further then what the outside shows. Some people out there need to stop fricken bothering this woman, because she's gold. Seriously.

+ tabbykitsune She must be quite known to most of the people in my list. She's an admirable girl, she's been through a lot, she's friendly, laid back, determined, and puts up with a lot of people despite of her tight schedule. She's a wonderful friend and she needs more Blues' ass loven.

+ nkfloofiepoof I've just recently came in better contact with her. She's fun, kind, I don't know her in depth as much just yet, but she's become a good friend I hope to get to know more and more of her. Sometimes I feel like shaking her to get her out of her corner and join the fun, but heck, god knows I was that shy myself. Forte stop looking at me like that.

- €- Other people whom I love but I spare the LJ link because I seriously will get this the lenght of the 5 constitutions of my country and state together if I keep going like that. Kyuu-butt, woman, spirits up! I know life is a bitch but you're strong and you can do it, you're a great person and you know we <3 you. Tiel, just the same, don't let life let you down, huggles for both!. Odin, take good care of le Harpy or I'm gonna bite!. Killer, take care of yourself man, and stop licking your girlfriend. The REO crew, Mari, Lena, Mary Maxwell, MVP Elite, And of course, Ohzaru <3 I'm running out of words to say, so I'll just say, I love you all lots. You guys make my life worth living. Thanks a lot to all of you for stepping on my life.

In the place filled with Light, I await for my  Shadow to be back...

Don't make me bite you...Utae bairohauta. Kitto hibiku You sing from my heart for everyone!

- €- My interests?. Well, you can see a lot of what I'm interested on in the 'interest' section of LJ, huh?. But allow me to talk a bit more about it.

- €- Rockman, Ragnarok Online, Drawing, Graphic Desing, Castlevania, Vampires, Music and Videogames are some of the things I love the most in my life. I like to RP with my twin soul, and Rockman is the series I'm more into.

- €- I do happen to like some Shounen Ai, Shoujo Ai, Yaoi, Yuri and also Hetero stuff. The fact I like same gender relationships in fandoms and the likes, doesn't mean I don't happen to think Tifa and Cloud make much better couple then Cloud and Sephiroth. I also happen to think Zero and Iris, Zero and Ciel, Forte and Roll, or Rock.EXE and Roll.EXE make a cute couple, opposed to Zero x X forever. Don't get me wrong, I don't care if people do like said pairings, it's fine and cool to me, but I like to see Zero hugging Iris a lot more. If you don't like said heterosexual pairings, well it's fine too, just don't come to shove on my face how Zero and X are much better couple then Zero and Iris because, you know what? I-DON'T-CARE.

- €- I don't think 'thievery' is a 'form of compliment'. Sorry, but no. People using your artwork without your persmission is not a way to 'rub any ego'. And forgive me but I don't want my ego rubbed, I want my artwork as good or bad as it can be, to be respected. Want to use someone's artwork for your shiny icons? Lovely graphics? Why not, uhhh... send them a note asking permission?. Most of artists will gladly say yes to your petitions, all they want is the courtesy of be asked their permission.

- €- Don't freaking bother my friends, seriously. Don't come over bothering them with how interesting you are, get to meet them and show genuine interest for them before you babble out about how wonderful and interestign you are.

- €- Below are a some icons of things I'm fan of, random gifs and other useless stuff to fill in. Some I made, some are from the fanlistigns themselves. I'll add more as time goes by. If by any crazy reason you want to use the Shademan and Tomahawkman graphics, be my guest, just don't direct link them. Upload to your own server, lazy people. 6_6 Oh mein gott! I am fan of way too many things :o

Tomahawkman is sex Helpless Shademan Fan

This is the closest to Plant I could find /pif

This bio's version displays Shademan.EXE, Plant Hikage, Shadowman and Plantman, for the most part. Fanart used on this bio belongs to me and Shadow Hikage ( kesshoukun ). The graphics were created with Paintshop Pro 6 and Photoshop 7. Most of effects and brushes were made by me, but I sometimes use the resources offered by other talented people, so, here's credit where credit's due:

* VBrush.
Of the Sky.
Hybrid Genesis.
* VBrush

Lyrics displayed belong to Doobee Doowop Communication by Babamania.

All Animated icons were made by me, but feel free to use and re-distribute to your discresion. Sprite sheet was courtesy of sketchies. These particular Graphics belong to Boktai 2 © of Konami. All other Characters displayed here are Copyright of their respective owners (Capcom, Gravity Interactive LLC, etc, etc).

Interests (141):

80's music, akumajo dracula, anime, art, autobots, bahamut, blaster, bluestreak, burnerman, capcom, castlevania, centaurman, chocolate, coloring, cooking, corrector yui, crashman, crystalman, dan marino, david bowie, decepticons, deka master, denver broncos, digital art, dolphins, dracula, dragons, draw, drawing, eject, elecman, evangelion, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, final fantasy, fireman, flashman, flute, frenzy, g1, geminiman, gf diablos, go go v, grenademan, guardian forces, gyroman, hironobu kageyama, hound, hound/mirage, houndxmirage, illustration, ironhide, ironhide/ratchet, ironhidexratchet, j-pop, jazz, john elway, john williams, kingdom hearts, konami, konami yoshida, labyrinth, legacy of kain, leviathan, love, magic knight rayearth, magnetman, manga, megaman, metalman, miami dolphins, midis, mirage, mithology, movies, music, my kesshoukun, my twin soul, nfl, nobuo uematsu, odin, oekaki, oekaking, optimus prime, painting, pharaohman, piano, plantman, plushies, power rangers, prince olympus, prowl, prowl/jazz, prowlxjazz, quickman, ratchet, ravage, rewind, ringman, robot masters, robots, rockman, rockman exe, role playing, rumble, salamandes, shademan, shadow hikage, shadowman, shonen ai, sideswipe, sing, skullman, skyfire, skywarp, slash, slashman, snakeman, sonic, soul reaver, soundwave, star wars, starscream, sunstreaker, tenguman, the beatles, thundercracker, thundercrackerxskywarp, tomahawkman, topman, transformers, vampires, videogames, violin, wheeljack, yaoi, yasunori mitsuda, yoko shimomura

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